The Land Where Dreams Come True


The Land Where Dreams Come True, written by Rhonda Calhoun and illustrated by Tricia Ting Lee. Lacy the Ladybug was born without spots, which made her look different from all of the other ladybugs. Feeling quite sad, she set out for the land where dreams come true. Her dream was to look like everyone else. Along the way, Lacy encounters six other animals that are in need various “improvements”. Princess the Pony leads them to Bryton the Boy, who takes this delightful animal parade to Jesus. It is at the foot of the cross that they realize that what they most need is a perfect Friend, who offers to also be their Savior. A note from the author: “I love this book! The story of flawed animals searching for perfection came as a result of my own journey through life. Growing up, I always felt like there was something wrong with me. I never felt quite good enough. This caused tremendous pain and drove me to try to find something or someone to make me feel special. Like Lacy the Ladybug and the other animals, the day came when I discovered that all I was really looking for was Jesus. The story is delightful and impacting. And so I give you The Land Where Dreams Come True. I pray that God will touch places in your heart with His love that have never been touched before—just like He did for me.”