I have been doing God Encounter Healing Sessions for a year now – at the church and at home at the computer. I can honestly and safely say – I have changed! I’m not the same on the inside. I’ve been on a journey for a “Holy Makeover” and still am and plan to continue.

Jesus has shown me unconditional love – forgiveness for my past mistakes. He has become more real to me and I have fallen more in love with Jesus. That was confirmed when someone used his name along with a disgusting cuss word. I then realized I did love Jesus more deeply.


SELF WORTH – A NEW IDENTITY. I am no longer just Renita’s twin sister or Marshall’s wife. I am now the bride of Christ.

ANSWERS. I now can go in prayer and see my answers and hear Jesus’ voice more clearly.

PEACE. Oh, to feel God’s love, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The love that surrounds you, you want to stay right there and never leave. I believe that is what heaven will feel like.

ENCOURAGEMENT. When I am feeling down, I go to my safe place and Jesus comes. I have seen many areas in my life that Jesus has healed, gave me confidence that I can do it.

HUGS. There is nothing sweeter than a hug from Jesus. Marshall gives good hugs but when you feel the love of Jesus, when He hugs you, you know you are going to be ok. (Marshall is ok with me saying this because he got his 1st hug at Christmas time from Jesus and so he would agree with me!)

GROWTH. Because of what Jesus has done in these sessions I have more confidence, courage, freedom to share with others about Jesus, comfort and less fear and jealousy. I have hope; I don’t have to stay the way I had become. I have a new beginning, old things have passed away. I look forward to many more new beginnings.

Thank you Jesus!!
Renee Holmes