A very full month ago, I came to live on Our Father’s Farm.  Before this, for a couple months I spent my weekends on the Farm, and my weekdays working an office job in Kansas City.  The Lord drew me during this time, past my fears of surrendering more of life, to come closer to His heart.

In 2009, the Lord had invited me to leave all I knew; my big city life in Chicago and plans to advance my career as a college instructor and administrator in New York, to come join the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Stepping into the fire of His love and will for my life, the call did not end there.  Jesus beckons us further and further in, closer to His heart as we give all of us for more of Him.

I first came to Our Father’s Farm last spring for a Tree of Life seminar.  A dear friend dragged me with her, as after many months on my face in the Prayer Room, away from living the life I had known, as a deep hunger and pain to know from the Lord my true identity had been unearthed.  Rhonda’s teaching on the Tree of Life cut through my pain and self-focused living.  The Father used her words to speak life, truth and belonging to my spirit.

Over the summer and fall I returned to the Farm as much as possible, feeling very drawn to the land, the ministry and staff, but not fully comprehending why.  During my Encounter God Healing sessions the Lord began a process of drawing me further into mature partnership with His heart by showing me how He sees me.  And what I really saw was Jesus. He spoke into me that my spirit was mothering, like His, and that Isaiah 61 was calling me, because it is His mantle.  So when Rhonda approached me about teaching the young girls currently living on the Farm full-time, He had made me ready.

I came to the Farm to be healed, and have discovered that by losing my life and saying yes to His heart for the broken and the lost, I am found in the security of His presence.   Currently, I serve as the house mom and head teacher at The Father’s House, a home on the Farm where young women and children in crisis come to be loved and find restoration, and also as a facilitator for inner healing sessions.

My perspectives on education and inner healing are being transformed daily as the Holy Spirit unfolds God’s dream for this place. I have become burdened for young people to find wholeness by encountering the Lord, to see Him empower them to run towards the fullness of all Jesus has for them, and to see His children restore, renew and rebuild.