At Hope Academy, we foster a safe, creative learning environment tailored for the individual strengths and needs of each student. Based on the belief that learning can be part of the healing process, our prayer is through ministering to the spirit, soul and body, boys and girls will be transformed and set free to fulfill their destinies.

Each student’s learning experience is enhanced by inviting the Lord’s presence at the beginning of every class and spending time in worship. Dianne and the other teachers work hard to cultivate the unique redemptive gifts God has placed in each student while challenging them to excellence.

Hope Academy’s teachers all have great passion for their students to come alive in Christ and to see themselves as God sees them.

Using faith-based interdisciplinary curriculum, the children learn about their Father’s world and their place in it. While being encouraged to pursue excellence in the traditional subjects, our primary focus is to call out and highlight the unique gifts of each student. From drama and fine art to science and literature, the Academy offers a full educational experience.