We believe that Jesus is the best healer, counselor, psychologist and doctor there is.  Therefore, all of our healing methods are based on teaching, equipping and leading others into an experiential relationship with the Lord.

Our healing ministry is based on 2-hour sessions where the recipient is taught proven methods of encountering God. Once the person is able to perceive the Lord’s presence, the Holy Spirit directs the session. He decides when, where, what and how the time is spent.  Sometimes He leads the person to a memory or trauma and other times He just “hangs out” with them.  It is amazing how often God tells the person He just wants to be with them. As a facilitator, our “job” is to stay out of the way.  We assist only when necessary.  God does all the work and gets all the glory.  And the results are healed lives and greater intimacy with God!

We are excited to be able to train others who can lead people into the presence of the Lord where they can find the healing they so desperately need. The Encountering God training is available on a donation basis.

Training Seminars

The Training Seminars are for anyone (male and female) who longs for an intimate relationship with the Lord. The seminar is designed to help you find healing and freedom while giving you the keys necessary to help others.

If you find yourself longing for more and desiring to bring healing and freedom to others then these trainings might be for you!

To read more about these life-changing opportunities, please go to the Training Seminars page.

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Rhonda’s testimony:

“In 1988, after two years of professional counseling, I felt hopeless and suicidal. As a result, I whispered a desperate prayer, which God answered in a very dramatic and undeniable way. The following day, I began a two-year journey where I encountered God experientially.  And all the while, He put Humpty Dumpty back together again…better than before.

God used a very simple yet profound method to heal my deepest, darkest wounds. Since that time, I have continued to use this method to recover from the insults and injuries that occur in everyday life.

This method can be learned by anyone — even school age children. Encountering God is, by far, the most effective and deepest inner healing technique I’ve ever seen or experienced. Needless to say, this is the primary tool used by Harvest Home to help others find healing for their most broken places because it works and it works so well!

David’s Testimony:

I just had to write you again to thank you for allowing God to flow through you.  The Encountering God seminar you did a few months ago has REALLY accelerated the growth of my relationship with God.  I had already heard God speak before, but I have heard/seen things from God more in the last three months then probably the last three years combined!  In the past, I heard things from God, but usually just a word or phrase.  I never thought to actually continue and have a dialogue with God.  So incredible…

Now, I just finished listening to the Tree of Life teaching CDs.  I did not have all the revelation that God gave you, but years ago God also showed me how we (the church) need to stop the religion and start the relationship.  We must see what our Father is doing and follow Him.  I too can relate with initially being embarrassed at the thought of God talking to me. 🙂  It took me almost 15 years to come to the point where I began to open up to others about the fact that I was hearing God speak.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you.  Keep on following God.  The church and the world desperately need to hear the message God has given you.

Testimony from Jordan, age 13:

“I haven’t been able to sleep in my bedroom since I was six because I was too afraid. I’ve had a stomach ache since I was six. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. But every time I ate a few bites, my stomach would just kill me so I’d stop eating. Many times I’d throw up, which only made me more afraid to eat.  After three healing sessions, my fear of my bedroom was gone. Jesus healed my stomach and it quit hurting. I now eat more than my mother does and I haven’t had a stomach ache since then. I now sleep in my room and I’m not afraid. “But even better than all that I now love Jesus more than I ever thought I could; I was always afraid of Him because He was a man.”


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